Tipping on your honeymoon.

You’ve made the honeymoon plans of your dreams.  Airplane / cruise line tickets are purchased, room reservations have been made and all that is left to do is pack your bags.   You’ve kept you trip under budget and so proud of what you have accomplished but… what about tipping?  Have you added this in your budget?   When ? Who? and How much do you tip?  A dollar here and a dollar there can add up. First be sure there is a not a “no tipping policy in effect”  Sometimes when a vacation package is purchased the tips have already been considered.    There are porters, house keepers, waiter/waitress, bartenders, room service and other personal and the list goes on.  Depending what service it is the average tip can range from $1-5 or $15-20%.  How much did you budget for tips?


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