Flowers for the Bridal Attendants

You’ve picked out YOUR bouquet and now it is time to choose those for your bridal party.  Are you going to do bouquets,flowers.jpgloose flowers or just flowers for their hair?  Don’t be afraid to do something out of the box.  There are so many places to get ideas and by sharing your vision with your florist they will help you make the perfect choice.  Make it meaningful!  What did you or are you choosing for your brides maids?  – SGE Bridal Boutique Blog

Maid / Matron of Honor

The purpose of your maid/matron of honor is to assist you in many stages of your wedding planning.   Before, during and after there will be many tasks you will need help with including shopping for the gown of your dreams.  She will also be there to listen to your ideas and give you advice.   She plans your bridal shower and records your shower and wedding gifts.  She is the one who sees 


that you are altogether before you go down the aisle and before pictures.  She holds your bouquet during the ceremony and signs your wedding certificate.  You have chosen this special person because she knows you better than anyone else.  You trust her and know you can depend on her. 

The process of preparing for a wedding, weather short or long, can be challenging in so many ways.  Always be mindful that although she is there for you that she does not feel overwhelmed with her responsibilities.  It definitely will save a friendship.  And remember, being your maid / matron of honor is just that for her.  An “HONOR” to be whatever you need her to be as you prepare for the best day of your life. 


Bridal Party Gowns

Now it is time to select the bridal party gowns.  Here are a couple of things you may want  to consider when deciding what they will wear.  (1) Ask your attendants for their opinions but keep in mind it is YOUR wedding.  (2) Will the color(s) and or style(s) you choose look good on all?  and  (3)  Will it fit in their budget if they are paying and can they possibly wear it again?  Being thoughtful of each individual will help the process not only go faster but smoother as well.  If you have an idea or comment you would like to share that might help in this areas, please feel free to post.

Engagement Ring Purchase

When it’s time to make your once in  lifetime purchase for an engagement ring you will want to consider the following advice given by many jewelers.  (1) Purchase from a reputable jeweler and shop around before you buy .  (2) Ask if there is a sale coming up that you could wait and take advantage of.  (3) Is sizing and cleaning included in the price and for how long?  (4) Do they offer a return policy?  (5)  Will they provide a written appraisal for your insurance company?  Happy shopping!

Announcing Your Engagement

Are you sending a picture along with the announce of your engagement?  Check with your paper and see what they require then contact your photographer.    He/she will get just what you need and there will be no delays in making the big announcement.

Spring Ahead

Today we spring ahead.  Get that list of wedding tasks that you have been procrastinating about and get started.  Take small steps and you will be done before you know it and be glad you did.  Don’t for get to ask for help.  You wedding party, friends and family are just waiting for you to ask!

Tipping on your honeymoon.

You’ve made the honeymoon plans of your dreams.  Airplane / cruise line tickets are purchased, room reservations have been made and all that is left to do is pack your bags.   You’ve kept you trip under budget and so proud of what you have accomplished but… what about tipping?  Have you added this in your budget?   When ? Who? and How much do you tip?  A dollar here and a dollar there can add up. First be sure there is a not a “no tipping policy in effect”  Sometimes when a vacation package is purchased the tips have already been considered.    There are porters, house keepers, waiter/waitress, bartenders, room service and other personal and the list goes on.  Depending what service it is the average tip can range from $1-5 or $15-20%.  How much did you budget for tips?

Traditional or Theme

Today’s weddings are not the same traditional weddings of yesteryear.   They are no longer the boring same old same old events.  The biggest decision used to be what colors to choose.  Now it is what theme are we gong to go with.  The themes are endless from remembering a long gone era, to celebrating a holiday season and even a favorite sports team.  They are held in barns, on the sea shore and in the air (won’t find me jumping out of a plane). Theme weddings allow the bride and groom to share a little of who they are and have fun doing it.   What is your preference TRADITIONAL or THEME?  If you had a theme wedding share your theme and the pros and cons of going the non traditional way.